Solutions for the study and control of Structural Health in Construction, Civil Works and Architectural Heritage.

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About us
mission, vision and values


We are a technology-based company (EBT) created around the University of Girona.
The objective of the company is to provide the market with technological solutions addressed to structural control in the Building, Civil Engineering and Architectural Heritage sectors, through the use of Auscultation, Monitoring and Data Analysis Techniques.


We have the knowledge, the technology and the human resources to apply the most suitable and specific sensors and equipment needed to each Project. Knowing exactly the data of what is sometimes not seen, will be the best weapon to know and decide.


Our technical team with great experience in Architecture, Engineering, Electronics and IT and Communications, knows how to make the Readings received stop being just Numbers and Graphs.


We evaluate the behavior of structures and their characterization based on data acquisition using sensors and specialized equipment. Recognizing in time the importance of a pathology sometimes is everything. At 3S'TECH we understand Auscultation and Monitoring as a necessity, not as a choice.


We want to achieve a greater scope of 3S'TECH, contributing to the application of New Technologies in Building, Civil Works and Architectural Heritage. The time has come to put us in line with the rest of the industrial sectors with their quality and preventive controls.


We must reduce the existing gap in terms of research and innovation with respect to other sectors and position ourselves alongside the leading countries in our environment in this aspect... or surpass them, why not. 3S'TECH as an EBT company has dedicated, dedicates and will always dedicate many efforts in the field of Research, development and Innovation. Facing apparent limitations is a big part of our day-to-day life.

Technology in your hands
3S'TECH offers the tools you need with your economy in mind to make them viable.

Auscultation / Instrumentation / Monitoring

Auscultation / Instrumentation / Monitoring

Every physical effect is measurable to Quantify, Analyze and Predict. The Security of having precise and specific data at a concrete moment or in time, an added and incalculable value. Auscultate and/or Instrument gives you the "photo" and Monitor gives you "the video". Always with an appropriate choice of sensors/equipment and their locations.

Cloud 3S'TECH platform

Cloud 3S'TECH platform

Presentation of all the data acquired live or with different reading frequencies of the monitoring carried out with the equipment and sensors. Integration of Alarms and/or signal warnings when exceeding established thresholds. Different graphs with correlation of the acquired data presented in an intuitive and interactive Dashboard.

Data analysis / Technical reports

Data analysis / Technical reports

The Acquisition of data and its analysis, the correlation of the different data collected, the subsequent incorporation of algorithms for the prediction of physical effects and the appropriate reading of them, are the distinctive characters of 3S'TECH. The final delivery of a completed Technical Results Report will close the circle.



3S'TECH, as an Spin-off and with the hallmark of Innovative Company by the Ministry of Industry, is constantly looking for new solutions in collaboration with Research groups of the University of Girona. The Research, Development and Innovation component in the company is important and firm in all aspects.

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