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The CRACKOMETER® is an evolution of the devices used to date for fissure control. The sensor autonomously controls the progression of the crack during the time being monitored, by displaying the parameters through 3S'TECH's DASHBOARD. The data shown refer to the historical displacements of the fissure, temperature, pressure and ambient humidity. It is also possible to visualize the direct relationship between temperature and displacements in the graphs.

The CRACKOMETER® is a plug and play type system, the user receives it ready to install and controls the evolution of the structure through the platform, with the possibility of configuring an alarm system for defined threshold values by the customer, which he will receive on his phone.



P-TER is primarily an innovative Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solution for post-tensioned concrete structures.

There is a great need for safer civil structures. New technologies have aided to better detect structural deficiencies and/or hazardous conditions so that action can be taken before it is too late. At the same time, there is a continuing need to reduce the costs of maintaining and operating infrastructure over its lifetime, and to extend it as long as possible.

P-TER, short for Post Tensioning Extensiometric Readings, is a tool developed and patented by 3S'TECH for an easy and fast instrumentation of the tensions applied in the fabrics. Using post-tensioning as an example, it is applied to a certain number of tendons during the construction process (Field of Tests) allowing the exact tension applied during tensioning and its losses to be read. In this way, the results can be applied statistically to the rest of the tendons of the work, so it is possible to ensure and know the real results, correct the total number of tendons to be installed and the most optimal tension to apply knowing the exact losses.



Online visualization, predictions and alarms in an intuitive Cloud Dashboard.

The Cloud platform provides support and centralizes the monitoring of structures. With an appropriate Instrumentation Project (both with own and external sensors), the "3S'TECH LIVE" Dashboard presents continuous monitoring of the structural health of projects in real-time, both in construction phases and in structures and buildings already existing The Monitoring Controls under different reading parameters (tension, vibration, displacements, loads, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc...) and the subsequent processing of data by the Senior Technicians of 3S'TECH, result in graphs and data that are very easy and quick to read so that the client has an agile Reading and Control of conclusions.

With the advanced implementation of analysis algorithms based on Predictive Modelling, Statistical Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence techniques, 3S'TECH offers a powerful online tool that allows you to passively control and monitor the structural health of critical assets.

According to established thresholds, signal warnings and/or alarms are generated that will reach the list of technicians ordered by the customer. According to different levels of communication (sms, whatsapp, mail, telegram...) or on site at work with light or sound devices programmed according to agreed thresholds and schedules.


Many times there is no procedure or sensor with a certain purpose, but this does not limit us to innovate and develop.

In collaboration with AMADE, EXIT and other companies in the sector, we develop sensory-based product lines initially as a support tool, then turn it into a line of business with its own entity to respond to the needs of the sector.

It is necessary to know the behavior of a material in the face of loads, radiation, elements and other conditions; 3S'TECH can clarify unknowns experimentally and in a controlled environment before proceeding with its use.

We have successfully applied these techniques, in situ or under laboratory conditions, to problems as diverse as the characterization of new and pre-existing concrete, the behavior of connections between materials subjected to fatigue, the quantification of stresses in structures in use, etc.

3S'TECH is currently working on new types of SENSORS based on different technologies in order to obtain information on different physical effects and under different conditions of use.

Some of our Projects would manage to bring monitoring where currently, for various reasons, it does not reach and prevents having a structural control in cases where it is very necessary to avoid negative consequences - Project EINSTEIN-.

Another important way of working is the development of sensors to provide a solution to negative dynamic effects in structures and to avoid such expensive and logistically complicated structural reinforcements in the case of structures already in use.

Example of a Monitored Structure

Example of a Monitored Structure

Simulation Chimney Movements – 8 days

Simulation Chimney Movements – 8 days

UHPFRC test simulation example for the Structures III GATE course at the University of Girona

UHPFRC test simulation example for the Structures III GATE course at the University of Girona