The important thing is to know how, with what means, what this data contributes and what is the scope and significance of the results obtained.

Most 3S'TECH sensors have an electronic base.
These sensors are high-precision devices and are used with a specific objective: to respond to what we do not know or that we may intuit, but cannot quantify. Having very precise reading sensors is not enough. Knowing the physical phenomena associated with Architecture and Engineering and having the necessary experience with the use of the procedures used for their quantification, is vital when the objective is to provide precise conclusions, and in some cases, to define corrective actions.

Data acquisition equipment is the necessary complement to take readings with different types of sensors in real time and provide instant information throughout a process. Behind an instrumentation there must always be a correct choice of sensors, equipment to be used and personal capacity. The objective must be a detailed results report with conclusions, issued by a competent technician.