An increasingly demanding market demands construction elements with high quality standards. The economic cost associated with the production of these products requires that their design and cost be optimized prior to starting their industrial production.

At 3S'TECH we pursue this excellence. For this reason, we use the most modern techniques in the analysis of prototypes: identification of properties, optimization and reengineering applied with expert criteria. The aim is to ensure the viability, reliability and competitiveness of the final product.

A simple instrumented load test simulating the maximum efforts to be covered due to wind effects and/or checking the mechanical elements that hold the parts, are sufficient to start their analysis.

However, the process acquires full meaning when it is substantiated in suggestions regarding dosage (in the case of concrete), optimization of the form or proposal of local reinforcements.

The issuance of a Final Report of the results obtained is usually sufficient to justify the viability of the constructive element before the Construction Management, Faculty Management and/or Control Bodies.

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