Observing and accurately measuring the evolution of one or several physical parameters over time seems to be the best tool to detect and quantify what we do not know in a short fraction of time. The different variables over time, such as temperature and humidity, are an important unknown and lately, due to climate change, difficult to predict.

Whether as a preventive maintenance control or as a surveillance tool in the case of existing pathologies, monitoring with continuous monitoring and alarms is essential to detect unwanted events in time and avoid their negative consequences. The available sensor and communications technology makes it possible to do this.

Graphs showing the correlation between data - e.g. displacement, temperature and humidity over time - make it possible to determine the origin of certain pathologies and to describe their evolution.

The monitored surveillance of structures adjacent to construction sites makes it possible to detect incidents and, when necessary, to modify procedures in order to avoid damage to neighbouring properties or to the construction site itself.

The correlation of the data received and its graphic presentation on the 3S'TECH Dashboard in real time clearly allows the best decision to be taken at all times.