On many occasions in rehabilitation projects, it is necessary to characterise load-bearing walls to justify the viability of these structural elements for new uses, according to the regulations applicable in each case.

Whether they are ceramic, stone or other materials, 3S'TECH can characterise them using the MONTILIVI test. This test is carried out in situ on the wall under study.

The Montilivi test (in situ compression test on load-bearing walls) is designed to avoid the low resistances obtained in the standard test, due to the degradation of the sample.

3S'TECH is aware of the adverse conditions to which the sample is subjected prior to the test - the samples are often damaged due to the extraction, handling and transport processes - and that is why this in situ procedure is proposed as an alternative.

3S'TECH has succeeded in bringing the laboratory to the site and characterising the load-bearing wall in situ, without the need to extract the sample. This gives more realistic values, as the integrity of the tested wall can be guaranteed.

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