The 3S’TECH team installed he crack monitoring equipment. This equipment is constituted by the CRACKOMETER® sensor, developed by 3S’TECH. This is an easy-to-install autonomous device, which the user can manage the data through the 3S’TECH platform.

The long battery life of the sensor makes it possible to find the effects that day-night cycle temperature changes or summer-winter seasonality can have on the structure. In addition to capturing the variation in the opening of the crack, the device incorporates temperature, humidity and pressure sensors in order to correlate theses variables more effectively.

The data is sent wirelessly to the cloud, making it possible to process data in real time, using the 3S’TECH dashboard.

Crackometer dashboard

Above, an example of the 3S’TECH dashboard where can be observed the displacement, temperature,

humidity and atmospheric pressure data.


Installation of the CRACKOMETER® on the north and west faces of the church.