The 3S’Tech team, in collaboration with ABM Engineering, carried out the dynamic acquisition of the Anglès – Girona footbridge. Fundamental action to check if the structure meets the ...


The study starts with a Finite Element Model of the structure, to set the range where are the fundamental frequencies and accelerations to be acquired experimentally.

Then the experimental acquisition was executed.

The first test was using the output only system, where in this case a vibrating signal is induced by the passage of people through the structure, using various hypotheses, varying the number of people and the frequency of passage. The output signal is acquired with a monitoring system.

The second acquisition was using the input/output system, where the vibrating signal is induced using an instrumented impact hammer. The vibrating output signal is collected using a series of triaxial accelerometers distributed throughout the structure connected to an acquisition system.

Finally, a report of results was drafted according to the established acceptance criteria.

Simulation for the «Dynamics» course of AMADE's master of the Universitat de Gironaa