Six years have passed since 3S'TECH presented its MONTILIVI test solution for the on-site testing of the compressive strength of load-bearing factory walls without the need for sampling.


Attached is a slide presentation of the test where the suitability of this non normative test can be checked.

The great success achieved and the large number of tests already carried out to date have shown that opening the door to Innovation and Development in the field of characterization of materials is a fact and a positive bet for the present and future in the construction sector.

As main characteristics we mention the low invasiveness of the test in the field and the high reliability of its results. The extraction, manipulation and transport of the samples collected, which is required by the regulatory test, is avoided, bearing in mind that the degradation and low reliability of the samples finally received by the laboratory does not allow real and reliable data to be obtained in the vast majority of cases.

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